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Web Development

Off the shelf” solutions can only take you so far.

At some point, you’ve come to the realization that you need a custom solution. It may be that you’re looking to add custom functionality to an existing website, create a custom user experience, or build a fully custom website with all the bells and whistles – we can do all these things and will take care of you!

We are primarily a PHP and custom WordPress shop but also do a lot of custom JavaScript development as well. With our custom PHP solutions, we prefer to use the Laravel PHP framework but can work with any PHP codebase and we’ll guide you to the solution that best fits your needs.

We’ve built custom web development for several Fortune 500 businesses, universities, real estate agencies, startups, small businesses, and pretty much everything in-between. Check out our portfolio for some examples.

With a proven track record, we enjoy working with our clients to build custom solutions that fit their unique needs.

Custom eCommerce Solutions

Whether it’s customizing the WooCommerce shopping experience or building a custom store, we’ll build the best online store solution for what you need. We work with all sorts of payment gateways, shipping methods, subscriptions, and generated virtual products. Whatever online shop you need, we can probably build it and we’ll make sure it’s secure and user friendly. We also build drop shipping solutions.

Online Databases

Have a lot of data that needs to be accessed online securely? We build custom database-driven management systems all the time, for industries of all types. From HIPAA compliant healthcare systems to real estate pipelines to robotic measurement reporting to managing rodeos, we’ve seen a lot. We’ll use all that experience to help guide you down the right path as we build your database solution.

Membership Websites

We’ve built custom member experiences for all kinds of membership websites. While many of our clients just need an out of the box solution, many clients are seeking a truly custom solution that may require advanced business logic, different membership levels or capabilities, varying renewal strategies and more. We’ve seen it all and can help steer you in the right direction with your membership website.

Complex Forms and Calculators

Multi-step forms with tons of logic and different decision trees? Not a problem. We also build online calculators for real estate, quotes, financial models and so much more. If you need a custom form or calculator, we’d love to build that tool for you. We will also make it look good too.

Website Speed Optimizations

Your website visitors won’t wait if your website takes too long to load and Google will penalize your search engine ranking if your website is too slow.

We can make most websites load fast and score well for both Page Speed tests and for Google’s Core Web Vitals. Let us add a little lightning to your website!

Our Development Process


We always start with a Discovery phase. For any sizeable custom solution, we need to understand your business, what the goals of the project are, and plan out the whole project.

Wireframe and UI Design

We then wireframe or design the parts that need to be pretty and review them with you. It’s at this stage that we flesh out the user experience to make sure that it’ll be intuitive and will flow the way it needs to.

Database Architecture

We then engineer how the data will be modeled and stored in the database. While we want our data to be normalized, we also look for ways to streamline data interaction and build in constraints to more easily insure data integrity.

Build MVP

We then build out the Minimal Viable Product (MVP), which is the core functionality of the website. We want to make sure that the basic functionality of the website works as frictionless as possible before we add additional functionality. It’s worth spending more time testing and tweaking at this stage to save issues further in the development process.

Rest of Development

We then proceed with building the rest of the functionality, bells and whistles. Just like with a home, you expect it to keep you safe and warm but it’s the details that make the difference. We aren’t happy until everything works as intended.

Review and Testing

There’s a lot that goes into building a website and the more complicated something is, the more it needs to be tested and reviewed. At this step, we’re not just looking for bugs, we’re also testing to make sure everything makes sense and is what a website visitor would expect. We perform our own quality assurance internally before opening up to our clients or end users for final testing and approval.

Please note that this step may encourage more ideas and additional development!

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